Drivers in Jamaica use the road as their personal playground. We are fed up with the stress-borne
taxis, the texting teens and the fuddy duddys who hog the fast lane as slow as they can. They all
reduce the joy of driving for those of us who simply want an incident free journey.

One group that now seems to eclipse others in road drama, however, is those slanderously known
as “Maamz”. For those unfamiliar with the term, Maamz is used to describe reckless female
drivers behind the wheels of their Honda fit cars. Yes, we know reckless drivers come in all
shapes and forms. But with the help of social media the Maamz have become infamous more
quickly than others, leaving an indelible imprint on the psyche of all Jamaican drivers. People
have even made Tik Tok videos of their escapades.

If you’ve ever had the displeasure of crossing paths with a reckless Maamz, you would know it is
no fun. They clearly seem keen on expanding the realm of what is considered practical while
driving. Indeed, the actions of a “Maamz” can be shocking.

They try to navigate the tightest spaces by clearing anything out of the way. They push down
walls or fences, the scrape past your vehicle, literally. And there is more. A parking lot holds no
bounds as their passion for a thrill cannot be contained. They speed down highways, park in
bushes and hug curbs dangerously close. Encountering a Maamz on the road is likely to terrorize
your commute.

Rightfully, such behaviour on the road is not only selfish but horribly unsafe. So we urge you to
drive carefully to protect yourself and others around you. Remember, no one is exempt from the
dangers of the incautious “maamz” roaming the streets of Jamaica.