The Vision Pro promotion makes us wish for an immersive future that leaves the troubles of this
world behind. Inside the goggles and its 360-degree iPhone screen lies what Apple furnishes as
a utopia those who can afford the expensive gadget pray comes quickly.

With even your peripheral vision kidnapped those who tried the gizmo came away awed and
blissful, captivated by its 3D images. The mixed reality product brings an experience that is new
and different. Perhaps it’s just that people are bored with online entertainment and want
something more exciting. But the kudos Vision Pro has gotten from technology writers certainly
stirs curiosity.

Many agree it is another hyper disruption, much like the iPhone was in 2007. Just as that now
ubiquitous device was a platform to introduce us to other new technologies, so, too, some say,
the Vision Pro will bring many new worlds to us.

The critics who are impressed say the new technology will remove us from our reality and drop
us into a space created by Apple engineers and designers. Others say there is no market for this
Apple wet dream and it is likely to fail.

Those of us who have faith in Apple for its many pioneering feats – CD Rom in computers, metal
shell for its laptops, touch interface for its devices – desperately want it to repeat its former
successes. We believe there is a ready market because of the global appetite for its current
products. We look forward to seeing Apple unveil more of what it has in store for us when the
Vision Pro goes on the market.