The novel COVID-19 is terrifying the world. New cases are popping up across the globe and deaths are mounting. Jamaica confirmed its first case March 10th. As the country tries to contain the spread of the virus it is clear that panicking is not useful.

Six Gorgeous Villas In Jamaica

Along with the great food, lovely beaches and beautiful sunsets, Jamaica also has world-class accommodations in nearly every parish. You can find unique aspects of Jamaican culture at these villas, and easily forget your commitments elsewhere. For those who want a getaway that is sure to please, here are some of the most gorgeous villas in Jamaica.

For Your Eyes Only - 007 in Jamaica

With the latest James Bond tipped for cinemas in April, we thought we’d share a few Jamaican spots featured in the films. 

Tips for Singletons on Valentine’s Day

February 14th is right around the corner. While some people plan their day with their loved one, budgeting for posh meals, meaningful gestures and extravagant gifts not everyone will be coupled up on Valentine’s day.

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Tips

Originally a Roman festival, Valentine’s Day is now a day for lovers, and love interests, to profess their heart and deepest feelings to someone special in their life. Unfortunately, there is also an expectation for Valentines to wow their partner with extortionate gifts.

Free and Cheap Ways to Enjoy Jamaica

If the New Year left your funds low, you may want to find inexpensive entertainment until your pocket is full again. To help you out, we thought we’d list a few activities that you can enjoy for little or no money.

The best late-night views of Kingston

Many cities rely on high rise buildings to give a bird’s eye view. But Kingston offers natural beautiful views from its surrounding mountains. From these elevated perches we can enjoy the stunning sunsets and see the city from an entirely different perspective. But you don’t need to drive up to the mountains to get a taste of this high life.

Well-Being in the New Year

As another year passes, people often feel the need to reflect on and sometimes even re-evaluate their lives, setting resolutions New Year resolutions in the hopes of improving their life satisfaction and well-being.

Four ways to actually keep your New Year’s Resolutions

Christmas is over and our sights are now set on 2020. A new year, with new possibilities. It’s the perfect time to think about what you might want to change about your life and which new habits you’d like to start. 

Miss Jamaica World

Much can be said about the triviality of beauty contests, particularly from a second wave feminist perspective: “It objectifies women, it glorifies looks over brains, it’s sexist, racist, a waste of money and resources, a purposeless title.” The list goes on.