Ten Commandments of Jamaican Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner can be a contentious time for many. Here are a few golden rules to ease the stress.

Thou shall not arrive before the agreed time.

There is no reason for you to go and sit in someone’s house, family or not from 2 pm. A rule of thumb in Jamaica is to be about 20 minutes late, that way you are right on time.

The Spice Of Life

Why are people just noticing that Spice is a superstar?

The Dancehall Queen has been around for years, churning out hit songs, captivating music videos and influencing dancehall fashion with her particularly flamboyant styles.

So, why are people now seeing her as larger than life?

5 Lovely Jamaican Beaches that are still free

Whether it is to unwind and soak up some sun, chill with friends or enjoy a family day, Jamaicans love the beach. But these days some beaches are charging for use, and it has upset many people. So, instead of paying to visit Puerto Seco and other privately-owned beaches, we offer 5 beautiful beaches you can visit free!

Yes, Everyone Needs Sunscreen

No matter what your skin type, you need protection from the sun. It’s even more critical on this island of sunshine and especially now, at the peak of summer when the sun is at its hottest.

As it turns out, sunscreen is actually super important for you. Let’s explain why.

Cautious About A Bob Marley Biopic

Seems there is a Bob Marley biopic in early stages of production, according to reports. While it is no doubt exciting that the already widely celebrated story of Marley’s remarkable life could finally make it to the big screen, we can assume many Jamaicans are concerned.

The Politics Of World Cup Football

Let’s be real. Jamaica was in the World Cup once, 20 years ago, but our passion for the beautiful game has only grown since. Which means we have to direct all that fervour and energy somewhere.

10 Things to do with your Brazil Flag

So, Brazil’s out of the World Cup and you still have all those pesky flags lying around... Here are some ideas of what you can do with them now:

Summer Bucket List

The days are long and hot, and they get really boring if you don’t do anything with them. How many of these have you already done?

Awesome Gungo Peas Stew

There is more than a bit of science in cooking an awesome Gungo Stew.  This Jamaican favorite is a creole culture piece, even iconic for foodies.

Jazz In Kingston’s Trafalgar Park

We went to a jazz concert in Trafalgar Park recently. It was a quiet performance, as that goes, because you couldn’t hear the music until you were at the venue. The cars were parked orderly outside and the audience inside were almost as quiet as those at a speak easy.