5 Christmas Gift Ideas

5 Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re sure gift shopping is at the top of your priority list these days. But if you’re stressing and need a few ideas about what to get those few people on your list who are difficult to shop for, we’ve got you covered with some neat ideas that might have slipped your mind in all the shopping chaos.

  • Thrifting:Christmas might be one of the best times to go thrifting since people are clearing out their closets to make room for new gifts. Mukkle Thrift, a pop-up thrift store, for example, pops up around Christmas every year. This is a great chance to get into the holiday spirit by doing good for both charity and the environment. You save a few dollars and find unique pieces to spice up someone’s wardrobe. Check out our Prips blog about thrifting for more info.


  • Local Fairs:Christmas fairs also tend to pop up around this time. Well, you missed the Jamaican Made one at AC Hotel. But you can still catch Grosvenor Galleries' annual Christmas Fair December 8thand 9th. You will find unique gifts in arts and crafts that are often local, hand-made and of great quality. Support the arts and local businesses while scoring some thoughtful gifts or just getting some future gift ideas.


  • Gift an experience! Sometimes the best way to make someone’s day is by simply giving them the chance to have an experience they would enjoy. A ticket to a music/live show, a sporting event or even a simple movie might be the best gift someone gets this Christmas, giving them something to look forward to in the new year.


  • Home-made gifts: Crafting a thoughtful gift yourself is one of the most meaningful presents you could give a loved one this holiday season. A hand-crafted ornament or beautifully framed photograph are not only physical presents, but carry sentiments, memories and the love giver and receiver shares. Framing places and art studios such as Sanaa Art Studios can be found on the Prips website.


  • Gift card it out!When you’ve really run out of options and don’t know what to get someone, a gift card to their favourite spots could go a long way. For example, try a gift card to Café Blue or other restaurants offering their favourite foods and give them a culinary experience to savour.  

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