Not everybody finds it easy to get into the holiday spirit leading up to Christmas. Some people simply don’t enjoy the silly season. Others actually get depressed amidst all the fun. Well, we want you to enjoy yourself and find ways to make merry. So, we’ve compiled a list of Prips approved activities to get you feeling festive. 

  1. Cafes are typically festive places around Christmas, offering themed décor, drinks, and fun pastries. For example, Café Blue Irish Town offers holiday drinks like egg nog specialties and decorates their scenic location with special Christmas accouterments. And Uncorked is so full of the Christmas spirit you may not want to leave. 


  1. Decorating the house is also a fun way to set the jolly Christmas mood. Visit one of many local flower shops to look for poinsettias, Christmas trees and other typical Christmas plant décor to bring some holiday spirit to your home.


  1. While sprucing up the house will put you in the mood, fixing up yourself will make you feel a whole lot better as well. Treat yourself to festive mani-pedis, a facial or even a new hairstyle for the holiday season at a beauty parlour or spa.


  1. If your kind of Christmas spirit is a party vibe, then party-hearty if you have the energy! Check out the Prips page to find out what Christmas parties might suit your taste.


  1. If you’re a crafty sort of person, Christmas fairs can be found all over the place. Grovesnor Galleries has its Christmas Fair this weekend; tonight and next Tuesday is Kingston Nigh Market on Hillcrest Avenue; the Suga Lifestyle Christmas Connection is on December 13 at the Pegasus Hotel; and Pon the Endz Artisan & Craft Market is on December 22 at Kings Plaza, 8 Northend Place.


  1. And if none of these hits the spot, you can find Christmas cheer in the form of puddings, cookies and other delicious treats at most pastry and dessert places. 


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