Most visitors come here for our beautiful white sand beaches and clear azure waters. But there
are also gorgeous interior landscapes waiting to be explored. With lush green hills and mountains
over more than half of the island, Jamaica is ideal for hiking. Our breathtaking natural scenery,
its stress-relieving effects and the benefits of physical exercise make hiking here all win-win.

Hiking is a great way to get a full-body workout. Frequent hiking improves your overall fitness,
weight management and cardiovascular health. It helps your sense of balance and you build
stronger muscles and bones. Hiking strengthens the circuitry in your brain and reduces anxiety
and depression. It also lowers your blood pressure, and even improves sleep.

A major benefit people seek in hiking is its positive influence on your mood and overall mental
health. Being in nature always brings out our best selves. Enjoying the warmth of the early
morning sun on your face as you hike a North Coast trail in St Mary is pure heaven. The wind
rustling through the trees and the soft earth beneath your feet does wonders for your neuroplasticity.

Where to hike is not a problem on our beautiful island. In all parishes, Jamaica has more trails
than we can count. Most involve hills or mountains. You will also find stunning waterfalls on
many trails. At the bottom of those falls there is always an inviting pool perfect for a refreshing

For beginning hikers, we can recommend Holywell Park, whose circular trails are carefully
maintained. Some are longer than others so you pick to match your fitness. The terrain was a
refuge for Maroons centuries ago. Now Holywell has cabins and a great eating place, Blues
Brews Bistro. Those with sturdier fitness levels can try Blue Mountain Peak, the highest
elevation in the Caribbean. Having done it, we warn that it is not for the faint of heart. Another
incredible experience is a hike to the Cinchona Botanical Gardens. It is steep, but the views there
are worth the climb. At the top you can see six parishes.

There are dozens of hills and mountains across the country that are worth exploring with a
guided group or on your own. So, we encourage you to lace up your shoes and hit the trails as
soon as you can.

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